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Kate Taylor FRICS

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Kate Taylor has written an excellent guide to help you revise for your Commercial Property Final Assessment

Commercial Property Revision Guide

"The guide is extremely helpful and informative with all the key pieces of knowledge and legislation contained within for each of the competencies.  It is in a compact format which allows me to focus on core areas without having to trawl through guidance notes, practice statements and textbooks to get the information I need.  It also acts as a good reference tool during question and answer sessions."  

MC, APC Candidate

Kate Taylor FRICS ACIPD is an APC expert who has helped hundreds of candidates to APC success in her five years as Graduate Manager for one of the largest UK Graduate Surveyor schemes at central Government’s Valuation Office Agency (VOA).


An experienced Chartered Surveyor, APC Chair and professionally qualified trainer, Kate’s in depth knowledge of the competencies and extensive experience in competency based interviewing has created an industry leading pass rate for the VOA.  Kate is an RICS Consultant Trainer and is involved in face to face technical valuation courses and APC courses, IPMS web classes and a range of competency web classes.


Kate is really looking forward to using her skills to help all APC candidates achieve their professional goals. Kate specialises in Valuation, Residential and Commercial APC pathways as well as vegetarian cookery.


Kate is on isurv board as Valuation Editor and is a member of the RICS UK Valuation Board and RICS APC appeal panel member.

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Pathways covered:

  • Commercial Property

  • Residential

  • Valuation

DeLever services provided:

  • Process & Competency coaching

  • Submission document review

  • Mock Interviews

  • Q&A Practice

  • Commercial Property Revision Guide

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“Kate became my tutor at the beginning of my APC journey and her guidance throughout the whole process from selecting suitable competencies, formulating my APC submission and preparing me for my final assessment interview was first class. Kate’s experience as an APC assessor gave me key insight on what to expect during my final interview and her vast experience in Valuation and the Red Book provided me with essential knowledge to meet the requirements of my key competencies.


Kate is very patient and took the time to explain things that I did not grasp at the first attempt. Kate is also very professional in the way her web classes and tutoring sessions are provided and sets the tone of what is expected of a surveyor trying to obtain chartered status. I would strongly recommend Kate’s services to anyone who is about to undertake their APC.”


Luke Thorburn MRICS

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*£130.00 excluding VAT

*Note from Jon Lever FRICS on price:  If you think this is expensive think again!  There is nothing like this in the market and it will save you over 30 hours of preparation.  That is Less than £4.33 an hour... How many pints of warm beer or a glasses of wine do you drink a month?  Go dry for a month and THIS would be a fantastic investment in your career AND guaranteed to ease the pain of the APC assessment?