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Option 1 - Face to face & 1 or 2 Assessors - £275 excluding VAT


This is the way we have always done it, providing a two assessor review of your documentation and performance on the day.  These mocks will normally be held on a weekend, in a hotel and at set times allocated to you by the organising DeLever APC Consultant.



Option 2 - ONLINE & 1 Assessors - £175 excluding VAT


This is a NEW format we are offering to provide a completely accessible mock interview to you wherever you are in the World!  Providing you with a  completely flexible approach to timezones and your own busy schedules.  You will need the relevant IT equipment, web cam, headset microphone etc. and these are normally delivered using SKYPE or other similar online systems.  These mocks are delivered at set times allocated to you by the organising DeLever APC Consultant.

Mock Interviews - Autumn 2016

Just like the real thing!

Hour long mock interviews followed by fifteen minutes of excellent direct feedback...

A 60 minute APC mock interview with real and current APC assessors. The DeLever APC mock interview is as close to the real thing as we can make it. The interview questioning will be based on your personal APC submission documents, just like the real APC final assessment.  The mock interview is followed immediately by a 15 minute feedback critique from the assessors based upon your performance.*


Both the mock interview and the feedback session will be recorded so that you can review your performance and the questions asked.


* Please note the assessor(s) provide their comments on the basis of your performance at the mock interview.  However, this does not guarantee that you will pass the real APC, nor that an identical assessment will be made by the Assessors at the real final assessment as this is always dependent upon your performance on the day.

Benefits of having a DeLever Mock Interview

  • Understand fully what the Final Assessment will be like

  • Gain an appreciation of the style and type of questions the assessors may ask.  This does NOT mean you will be asked the same questions at your real Final Assessment!

  • Feedback from current APC Assessors on your performance straight after the mock interview to help you improve and prepare for your real final assessment

Mock interviews

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NEW for 2016

We are really excited about our fantastic DeLever Consultant resource across the UK and the World and we are delighted to now be able to offer you two different mock interview opportunities to suit your situation and requirements.

All you need to do reserve the mock interview that suits you.



All mock interviews must be paid for in advance.  The DeLever Consultant organising your mock will make arrangements with you to receive your payment in advance.



We are very sorry, but we unable to offer refunds for mock interviews cancelled within two weeks of the mock interview date. This is because significant expense will have been incurred and it is unlikely we will be able to fill the cancelled space.

RICS has now released the assessment dates for Autumn 2016.  

  • Download the Final Assessment Application Form (S2 2016) Word document from the RICS web site, the assessment dates are at the end

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They say...

"Useful experience. Developed my knowledge of the process.  Helped to build my confidence"

FH Nottingham


"A very real and formal experience. An understanding of what to expect.  Has been invaluable.  I would recommend it to anyone undergoing the APC"

MH London


"It was a great opportunity to experience the format of the real Final Assessment"

FW London


"My weakness was my inability to communicate effectively. The mock interview has helped me to work on this and really opened my eyes to the issue"

Referred Candidate

"It is an invaluable experience which has helped immensely in my preparation"

"It is down to me to perform on the day, but now I know what to expect in advance"

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Jon Lever today...

"It was a great opportunity to experience the format of the real Final Assessment.."



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