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Easy to use and helps you manage your APC

What can myAPCDiary do for you?

  • Helps you record all aspects of your APC

  • Sends you useful reminders to keep you on track

  • Takes the strain out of the day to day APC administration and management

  • Allows you to concentrate on your APC

  • Helps you engage with your supervisor and counsellor

  • Helps you keep up to date

  • Access on any device anywhere with Internet connection

  • Secure and backed up daily

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Comparison between old and new myAPCDiaries (pdf)

The new myAPCDiary is NOT an upgrade!

The myAPCDiary Explained in 20 minutes


“ I have found that myAPCDiary is an exceptional tool. Would highly recommend! ”

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How to Gain Access to a Recording?

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