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Free LIVE Online

Supervisor and Counsellor Training


How to be an effective APC Supervisor or Counsellor and best practice tips to support you and your APC candidates and get them through the APC!


Our FREE hour-long online Supervisor and Counsellor training sessions help you understand how to effectively support your APC candidates and get them through the APC as effectively and efficiently as possible , giving you some valuable formal CPD hours (half your yearly Formal CPD requirement) along the way.  


All of the following DeLever FREE online Supervisor and Counsellor training sessions focus specifically on the Supervisor and Counsellor roles, but would also be highly beneficial for HR/Training Managers too.




LIVE Session 1. The APC Process and latest updates or changes

This session will help you to understand the APC Process, including the key milestones .  Jon will also talk through the latest changes to the APC process and templates.





LIVE Session 2. Roles and responsibilities, starting your candidates on the APC and managing them through the process

Jon discusses the roles and responsibilities of candidates, supervisors and counsellors, how best to start candidates on the APC process and best practice tips for managing your candidates.


LIVE Session 3. Competencies, levels and CPD

This session covers how candidates should write up their competencies and levels in the Summary of Experience Template and how you can tell when a candidate is competent.  This session does not cover any specific competencies in detail.  Jon will also discuss CPD and how best to record it.


LIVE Session 4. The case study explained

Jon will discuss best practice for candidates writing their case study report, including what the assessors will be looking for and common mistakes made by candidates.


LIVE Session 5. The final assessment and testing your candidates

This final session explains the structure of the final assessment and how you can help your candidates prepare.  Jon will also discuss how you should question your candidates like an assessor to ensure they are fully prepared. Please also see our mock interviews available every assessment session.  

Supervisor and Counsellor L


Supervisor and Counsellor Training

presented by: Jon Lever FRICS

Each LIVE session is delivered by:

Jon Lever FRICS

Jon has been training the APC process for over 20 years and therefore he really knows the APC!  Jon is the RICS UK Licenced Assessor Trainer, an RICS Training Advisor and APC Chairman of Assessors.


In-house Training (sadly, not free!)

If you would prefer for this training to be delivered in-house, Jon is available to discuss your requirements and either come to your office and deliver the training face to face.


Alternatively, Jon can provide bespoke training if you would prefer.   Please contact Jon when it is convenient for you but please be aware his diary fills up very quickly.

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5 One hour training sessions


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DeLever Supervisor and Counsellor CPD

is Formal CPD

Each supervisor and counsellor training session

contains key skills and learning to become an effective

supervisor or counsellor, so as long as you feel you have achieved a learning outcome it should qualify as formal CPD.  

A certificate will be issued to each delegate attending a LIVE session.  

Attend each session and you will be half way towards your yearly quota of ten hours Formal CPD!

5 One-hour  sessions

each with

Q&A time

Buy all 5 session recordings for £45 bizcard2-350 Feedback


as Formal


Click here to watch the FREE recording of Session 1 Email: [email protected] Click here for Mock Interviews Attend FREE online over 5 months