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Timeline Wallchart FREE

Key actions for each APC milestone

Free to download

The DeLever Timeline Wallchart is a pictorial view of the APC process.  It is based on the RICS guides and incorporates Jon Lever’s APC knowledge and experience.  


You can use the tick boxes on the DeLever APC Timeline Wallchart to track your progress.  There’s even space to enter the date when you achieve a key milestone!


You can download your free copy from The link below takes you to where you can login or register with us.  myDeLever is our portal for all our free APC downloads and help.

Benefits of the Timeline Wallchart

  • Easy, at a glance reminder of what to do for your APC

  • Helps to keep your APC on track

  • Bullet points of things to consider at each stage

Download a free copy Timeline large

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